Brainstorming Ideas
Crow River Sports

I have set this page up to keep track of ideas that will stimulate new business and improve Crow River Sports.  Time and money are and have been my limiting factors.  I will be able to overcome some of my limitations with your help. 

Sales generation ideas

·         Talk to (visit) potential customers

·         Community business expos participation

·         Networking groups

·         Referral fees

·         Commissions

·         Sponsoring or hosting events


·         Setting up computerized system and procedures

Customer Service Improvements

·         Organizing Tools for customer use

Web traffic generation ideas

·         Advertising   (currently using craigslist and

·         Press Release ideas

·         forum posts ideas

·         Facebook improvements and posting ideas

·         Using other social media outlets

Website improvements

·         Increased graphics offerings

·         Custom graphics upload (Requires small upgrade to current site)

·         Maintenance time

Increase capabilities       (currently heat transfer)

·         Embroidery

·         Sewing on letter jacket patches

·         DTG

·         Vinyl cutter

·         Screen printing  (requires space)