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Coaching fastpitch can be very rewarding, if you are prepared with practice plans, drills and a sound knowledge of the game.

Coaching-fastpitch is your online youth softball coaching resource designed to give you, the fastpitch coach, tips and instruction you need to excel as a softball coach. Learn youth softball tips and drills, offense, defense, pitching, hitting, coaching strategies and much more. How you arrived here could be from several different paths. Maybe you are an experienced girls fastpitch softball coach, maybe you played ball in your younger days, maybe nobody else would step up to coach your daughters team and you felt that you had to do it. Whatever your path was to this position, you now have to figure out what to do. The information from this web site is what you need. I will encourage you to attend coaching clinics and your players to go to a softball clinic or a softball camp.

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Fastpitch In 1981
As it was seen on 60 Minutes

Interesting to see batters without helmats and facemasks. That's just the way the game was played 33 years ago. In the words of a popular TV commercial of that time, "You've come a long way, baby!". Safety equipment is only part of the change. Attitudes toward female athletes, opportunities to play, opportunities to work all have improved because of the perseverance of those who pioneered the way. I'm not saying everything is perfect now. Women still make .77 on the dollar compared to men on the average. We are still moving in the right direction.

Fastpitch News
The Fastpitch News from around the country including high school, college and professional fastpitch softball. Stay up on all the current events by checking here often.
Conditioning the athlete for softball is not hard to do if you know what to do. Several topics here will help you to understand what they are and how to work it into your practice plans.
Offensive skills
Offensive skills and drills are the focus of this page and the articles below. Mastering the skills needed to put the runs on the board are what we are talking about.
Offensive Strategies
Understanding how to put together a good game plan is discussed in the offensive strategies page. Topics include the base coaches job, how to give signals and the line up are discussed in several info
Defensive Skills
Developing sound defensive skills is the foundation we need so that the overall strategies can be executed properly. You will find drills here that have been time tested and effective.
Fastpitch Defensive Strategies
Developing sound fastpitch defensive strategies combined with the skills will result in fewer runs given up. I have always told my teams that if we work hard and become good
Practice Plan
Having a written practice plan ahead of time will help you focus on and accomplish your practice goals. Planning will keep all of your players working on something.
Pitching Mechanics
Proper pitching mechanics are essential in order to consistently deliver strikes. This information will help you understand what a coach needs to know.
The Mental Game
The mental game involved with fastpitch involves toughness, preparedness and focus. Some positions have to be prepared differently than others. You will find information here that will help your tea
Coaches Input
This page is for the coaches input. Your feedback will help other coaches become better and help the game overall. Use the forms below to submit your comments, drills and articles.
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Coaching-Fastpitch Blog
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The Millennial Method
Jason Schreiber has sent more than one hundred players to the Division I level and twenty into the pros with two of those making MLB rosters.
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Coaching Fastpitch Advertising Policy