The Grip And Wrist Snap

The grip and wrist snap combined will cause the ball to rotate. This rotation is what will cause the ball to be a fastball, curve, drop or whatever. When you want to throw a fastball, look at the softball. You see the seam wrapping around the ball. Turn the ball until you see the seam form a “C” shape. Place your index, middle and ring fingers of your throwing hand on the top side of the “C”. Place the thumb some where on or under the

bottom of the “C”. Your hand size while determine where you will have to put it. Allow room for a small gap between your palm and the ball. This is the way you hold a fastball. When you are delivering a fastball, just before you release the ball, your hand will pass your hip with the palm straight toward the catcher. Your hand will be bent backwards as you approach the release point. Just before the release, you will start the hand forward with a flip and release the thumb allowing the ball to roll off your finger tips while being pushed by the wrist snap and the curling your fingers.

This basic element is the part of the pitch that constantly needs to be worked on. With the upper arm by your side and lower arm extended in front of you, cock the hand back (down) then whip it up while letting the ball roll off your fingers as they curl or push with your fingers. The result should be a ball rotating forward and going up several feet in the air. You should not be using your upper arm or forearm at all when doing this drill. Your lower arm should remain parallel with the ground through out this drill. We are isolating the hand in this drill. A powerful whipping action adds more speed to a pitch than any other portion of the delivery. A serious pitcher will do 50 to 100 every day and will become very good at it.

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You Are Important

The coach is the person who communicates with parents, players, umpires, other coaches and your local associations. You facilitate the team by making sure all the equipment is there when it is needed. Most important are the players. You are teaching more than the skills and strategies of fastpitch. The ability to gracefully deal with success and failure, the persistence to keep trying and the confidence that these young ladies learn from you is priceless.

You’re Part Of

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