Signals are typically given by the third base coach and are a way of communicating a plan to the players involved. You do not need a lot of signs with younger players. You only need to communicate to the athlete your plan to the bunt, steal and take a strike. Let me explain what I mean by take a strike. This lets the your batter know not to swing at the next pitch, typically given to a batter with a 3 and 0 count on them. Signals can be changed between games or, if the other coach figures out what they mean, you can change them between innings. I have gone whole seasons without changing. You can use an indicator if you like but you do not have to. An indicator is a gesture that tells the player that the next sign is what you want them to do.

An example would be touching the nose means you want a bunt. Touching the ear means that you want the base runner to steal. Touching your belly means that you want the batter to take a strike. Touching the bill of your cap could be the indicator.

So if the third base coach touched his elbow, nose, belt, chin, bill of the hat, ear, nose and belly, the coach is telling the base runner to steal the next base. Your communication does not have to be physically touching something. You could also have verbal communication. If the coach says ”Hit the ball all the way to Arkansas” The word “Arkansas” may mean that the base runner is supposed to steal.

Your communication methods can become more sophisticated and more numerous as the athletes get older and their game becomes more complex. Have fun with it and don’t over think the game.

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The coach is the person who communicates with parents, players, umpires, other coaches and your local associations. You facilitate the team by making sure all the equipment is there when it is needed. Most important are the players. You are teaching more than the skills and strategies of fastpitch. The ability to gracefully deal with success and failure, the persistence to keep trying and the confidence that these young ladies learn from you is priceless.

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