Pitching Practice

I like to keep pitching practice between sixty and seventy five minutes with a water break about half way through. I keep this completely separate from other team practices. I do not want to distract from the goal for each event. I also like to involve my catchers so they get a little extra work and grow right along with the other half of the battery.

Pitchers have to work harder at their skill and put in extra time to develop their craft. It takes a special type of player who is willing to go this extra mile.

Have your players work with a knowledgeable coach. Your athletes could end up with shoulder injuries that could effect her a lifetime if taught incorrectly. Do not take that chance. There are quality coaches out there. If your daughter wants to pitch, ask around. If no one in your local association knows a coach, some one at your league probably does. If you ask the local high school coach, they probably can point you in the right direction.

Having said that, I am directing you to the Pitching Mechanics page of this website.

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You Are Important

The coach is the person who communicates with parents, players, umpires, other coaches and your local associations. You facilitate the team by making sure all the equipment is there when it is needed. Most important are the players. You are teaching more than the skills and strategies of fastpitch. The ability to gracefully deal with success and failure, the persistence to keep trying and the confidence that these young ladies learn from you is priceless.

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