Hosting a Hands On Fastpitch Coaches Clinic

Here are the steps that you should take in order to host a Coaching-Fastpitch Hands On Clinic in your community.

• Your school, community education or fastpitch association, as the host, would provide gym space and cover the event with their liability insurance.

• Find a date, time and place that fits both your facilities availability and the presenters schedule. This calendar will help you with our available dates.

Then contact us at 763-229-7125 or dan(at) to set the time.

• Promote the clinic within your community. Coaching-Fastpitch Hands On Clinic will promote the clinic through the website, the newsletter, and on the MMFL forum.

What are the Benefits of Hosting?

Hosting the Coaching-Fastpitch “Hands On” Clinic makes it easy for your coaches to attend. They will not have to travel, rent a hotel rooms or buy meals. This is a substantial cost savings to them.

The Coaching-Fastpitch “Hands On” Clinic will share 25% of the money generated from registration (after expenses) with the host. Expenses that would deduct from the total would be the credit card processing fees. This could make hosting a Coaching-Fastpitch “Hands On” Clinic a great fund raiser.

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