Bunting is an important part of fastpitch. The strategy of the short game means that all of your players better be able to lay one down when you need one.

Softball is played on a smaller diamond than baseball. Therefore, the 3rd base person can cover the short stuff quicker than in baseball. Because of this, I do not teach the players to square their feet. I and many other coaches teach a quicker movement to get the batter into position that will not give it away too quickly. From the normal batting position, just about

the time the pitcher releases the ball, the batter with 60% of her weight on the balls of her feet will pivot on both feet at the same time quickly squaring her body to the pitch. She will also flex her knees and bring the bat in front of her and slid her back hand out the barrel of the bat about half way. The barrel should be resting on her curled up index finger and against her thumb. She should get her eyes lined up just above the bat in order to get a good look at the ball hitting the bat. From this position, she will over time learn how hard to push the ball, how to direct the ball down the first or third base line and in time, when to push the ball past a charging infielder.

Why would you want the best hitter on the team to lay one down? You may want their hitting power in most situations, but when the game is not on the line, give them the opportunity to use the lay one down. After all, they may not be the best hitter on a future team and if they can do what ever is asked of them, it may mean the difference between playing or sitting. Give them an opportunity to be a more complete player.

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