Alignment Drill

The alignment drill, most often refered to as "the K's", are the next set of pitching drills a pitcher should work on, after the wrist snaps. Begin with your feet just over shoulder width apart and your toes on the power line. Your hips and shoulders should be line up with your toes. Point your glove hand at your target and hold the ball in your throwing hand with the basic fastball grip. Start with your throwing arm straight down in front of you. We are going to isolate the final arm movement of the pitch. It is from this position that you will bring your hand toward the target,

perform a wrist snap with the ball rolling off your finger tips and curling your fingers to help push the ball. You want to focus on a good follow through so that your fingers should end up pointed at your throwing shoulder. Try to keep your hips on the power line for know. This is known as the 6:00 position (hands of a clock). Do this 20 to 30 times. Next, you should start from the 9:00 position (pitching hand starts pointed toward 2nd base. Again, do 20 to 30 times always focused on keeping the hips on the power line and follow through. Next, repeat this drill 20 to 30 times from the 12:00 position. The last progression creates a circle that is lined up with your target. Make this circle 3 times in a row without stopping and on the final revolution, use a good wrist snap and release the ball. Remember to keep your hips on the power line and finish with a good follow through.

The important things to remember during the circles are keeping your arm long (no alligator arms), stand tall with good posture all the way to the follow through and keep your muscles relaxed. Relaxed muscles are faster than tense muscles. The coach should stand behind the pitcher directly lined up with 2nd base to observe the circles. Are the circles lined up with the target all the way around? Do 20 to 30 of the 3 full circle deliveries.

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You Are Important

The coach is the person who communicates with parents, players, umpires, other coaches and your local associations. You facilitate the team by making sure all the equipment is there when it is needed. Most important are the players. You are teaching more than the skills and strategies of fastpitch. The ability to gracefully deal with success and failure, the persistence to keep trying and the confidence that these young ladies learn from you is priceless.

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