Week Twelve Practice Plan

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This past week, our team won both games. Our defense was the sharpest that I have seen from them this summer. Our bats really came alive and our base running was aggressive. It is exciting to see all this happening now with the season end in site. They are peaking at the right time. This week we have four league games and the state qualifing tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

Here is this weeks practice plan.

Practice #17

6:00 Warm up jog to fence and back, Dynamic stretching

6:05 Warm up playing catch

6:10 Team discussion about tournament preperation.

6:15 Split team into three groups.

Group 1 will be doing a regular infield practice.

Group 2 will be hitting in the batting cage.

Group 3 will be catching fly balls

6:30 Rotate Groups

6:45 Water Break

6:50 Rotate Groups

7:05 Discussion about the finer points of base running.

7:10 Throwing relay race

7:20 Base running relay race

7:25 Team meeting

7:30 Team Practice is over on time except for pitchers and catchers

Pitchers start working on Wrist Snaps while catchers get their equipment on.

7:35 Pitchers work on K's

Catchers work on Blocking Drill

7:40 Pitchers Walk Through Drill

Catchers work on the Bunt Drill

If we do not have as many catchers as pitchers, the parent will have to continue catching and we will rotate the catchers so they become familiar with the pitchers.

7:45 Distance Pitch Drill

Catchers Developing a Strong Throw To Second Base

7:50 Regular pitching and catching.

7:55 Pass ball drill

8:00 Practice is over

It will be a busy week of softball with four league games and then the league playoffs. I'll let you know how we do in next weeks newsletter. Please, use the Coaches Input Form to let me know how your team is doing. Are you seeing improvement? How are your practices going? How about your games? I really am interested in hearing about your progress.

Until next week, I'll see you on the field.

Dan Knutson